Caritas Nyundo / Kibuye

The activities and areas of intervention of Caritas Nyundo / Kibuye are the same as those of Caritas Nyundo Gisenyi, with a few differences depending on the nature of certain projects in their places of execution.


Like Caritas Nyundo Gisenyi, the vision of Caritas Nyundo Kibuye reflects the vision of the Caritas confederation as a whole. This vision is that of "a civilization of love, solidarity and brotherhood". That is, it advocates a society that gives back to man his human dignity denied by social marginalization, poverty and injustice.

Caritas Nyundo Kibuye seeks to play an important role in the socio-pastoral mission of the church as a family of God, by working for the assistance of the needy and the promotion of the integral development of man.

Name of the director of Caritas Nyundo Kibuye

Father Laurent SAFARI

B.P 20 Kibuye

Phone: (+250) 788610106

Email :