The main responsibilities of the committee are:

1. To form all the people of God so that they become aware of their universal missionary vocation
2. Foster the education of young people in justice through information and self-giving
3. Promote economic solidarity by appealing to the generosity of Christians all over the world for missions
4. To use spiritual means, in particular prayer and sacrifice, in order to obtain from the Master of the harvest the workers necessary for his harvest
5. Help educators to awaken and gradually develop in children a universal missionary consciousness to guide them towards spiritual communion and material exchange of their resources with children of other Churches, especially those who are most in difficulty. Everyone has something to give and to receive and the motto is for them: children help children
6. Make sure that the animation of all the missionary days is an opportunity for catechesis.
7. Prepare missionary animators who accompany the children on their journey towards a more mature missionary conscience