A brief historical and geographical presentation

The Diocese of Nyundo was erected on February 14, 1952, as the Apostolic Vicariate of Nyundo. Its first Bishop Monsignor Aloys BIGIRUMWAMI, who is the first African Bishop of what was then called Belgian Africa (Congo, Rwanda-Burundi), was consecrated on June 1, 1952. In 1959 the Vicariate of Nyundo became the Diocese of Nyundo.

On March 31, 1973, Monsignor Aloys BIGIRUMWAMI presents his resignation and on January 12, 1974, Monsignor Vincent NSENGIYUMVA is appointed to succeed him. On May 3, 1976, the Archdiocese of Kigali was erected and entrusted to Monsignor Vincent NSENGIYUMVA who remained Administrator of the Diocese of Nyundo until the episcopal ordination of Monsignor Wenceslas KALIBUSHI on March 27, 1977.

Map of the Catholic Diocese of NYUNDO

In 1990, the genocide against the Tutsi began with the massacre of Bagogwe and Tutsi in the S / Prefecture of Ngororero. It will be brought to its height in April, May, June, and July 1994. The Diocese of Nyundo lost thousands of people, 95 of whom are consecrated among whom there are 32 priests. Monsignor KALIBUSHI was humiliated and locked up with some priests in a house in Gisenyi. It could be released on June 19, 1994, went to Goma and then to Hervoirt in Holland. Although very ill, he undertook to seek subsidies to rebuild the Diocese and restore harmony to the population.
At the end of 1994, he returned to the Diocese with a dozen priests and found desolation: the bishopric ransacked where there were only walls without doors or windows and all the archives burnt… It was the same in all the Parishes.

But Courageously he and his small group of survivors set about the moral, spiritual and material reconstruction of the Diocese.
On March 22, 1997, Monsignor Alexis HABIYAMBERE, S.J. was ordained Bishop to succeed him and continue this rehabilitation. For three years, he will be thwarted by the atrocious war known as the infiltrators (abacengezi). But afterward, in a few years, the Diocese was rehabilitated. The Lord gave a large and united priestly succession. After his resignation, on March 11, 2016, Monsignor Anaclet MWUMVANEZA, the current Bishop, is appointed to succeed him. He will be ordained on May 21, 2016.
The Diocese of Nyundo covers an area of ​​approximately 4000 km2 and covers the entire former prefectures of Gisenyi and Kibuye. Currently, it fully encompasses the Districts of Rubavu, Ngororero, Rutsiro, Karongi, and a large part of the District of Nyabihu as well as some sectors of the District of Nyamasheke.