Antoine de Padoue Nsingijimana

Coordinateur de la Pastorale dans le Diosese de Nyundo


Tel: +25078825860/ +250782188862

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The diocesan service of pastoral coordination is an organ used by the diocesan bishop to coordinate the pastoral activities of the diocese. At its head is a pastoral coordinator priest whose main responsibilities are as follows:

1. Coordinate pastoral planning and monitor the progress of the Diocese’s action plans;
2. Oversee the timely availability of periodic and annual reports and summarize and analyze them on behalf of the Bishop;
3. Coordinate the implementation of the Pastoral Strategic Plan of the Diocese;
4. Oversee the implementation of the five-year plan of the Diocese;
5. Ensure the monitoring and evaluation of pastoral activities at the level of the Diocese;
6. To animate the decentralized structures of the Diocese (Parishes, Centers and CEB) which are instruments of local pastoral care;
7. Coordinate the pastoral care of the diocesan Commissions and Chaplaincies;
8. Coordinate the development of pastoral and social projects;
9. Harmonize the composition and functioning of parish pastoral councils;
10. Coordinate the development of planning, monitoring and evaluation tools for pastoral activities at the diocesan and parish level;
11. To promote unity and pastoral assistance among fellow priests.
12. Coordinate and follow up on the implementation of the proposals of the Synod, of the advisory councils of a pastoral character and of the diocesan entities which have received the approval of the Bishop;
13. Oversee the preparation as well as the restitution of periodic and annual narrative reports by parishes, services, commissions and diocesan entities for the Bishop;

14. Ensure the application of pastoral procedures put in place by the Diocese;
15. Ensure the implementation of the decisions of the Diocesan Pastoral Council;
16. Prepare and submit to the diocesan pastoral council the long, medium and short term pastoral strategic plans;
17. Coordinate mid-term and final evaluations of the five-year and strategic plans of the Diocese;

The orientations or directives of the pastoral activities of the Diocese are given by the Bishop through the Diocesan Pastoral Council and other authorized bodies.