The presence of the Diocese of Nyundo in its own schools and in its subsidized free schools

Apart from the construction, rehabilitation, and daily management of Catholic schools, the diocese of Nyundo is involved in education through its various services:

1. Caritas Service: Socio-charitable works in schools

  •  Caritas has created mutual aid and solidarity funds in all our schools
  • She advocates for children with disabilities (building ramps in schools, contributing to health care and providing school fees) as part of education for all and inclusive education

2. Department of Education

  • The education service proposes candidates for management positions in school directors, prefecture of studies and discipline
  • He provides chaplaincy in schools across parishes
  •  Organize and participate in partner meetings
  •  It monitors for quality education and good management of schools.

3. Justice and Peace Service

  • Mediate in schools
  • Training of children in the promotion of human rights
  •  Supervision of Justice and Peace clubs in schools

4. Catechesis and Catechumenate Service

  • Training of directors and teachers of religion courses
  • Visit Catholic schools as part of religion classes
  • Monitoring and evaluation of teacher training + directors
  • School catechumenate follow-up to prepare pupils for the sacraments

5. Land heritage service

  • The Diocese donates the land on which the schools are built
  • Ensures the registration of title deeds
  • Monitoring of school land management