The main responsibilities of the committee are:

1. Provide the Diocese’s website with information that reflects the life of the Diocese
2. Develop and annually update the monograph of the Catholic Diocese of NYUNDO
3. Make apostolic workers (priests, men, and women religious) understand the need and urgency to promote pastoral care through the media
4. Detect and react against lies and media suggestions that undermine Christian morality, human rights, and human dignity
5. Produce and distribute the Bulletin of the Diocese
6. To urge the faithful to read and spread the Catholic press so that they can be informed and trained through it
7. Advertise and organize the sale of Church publications
8. Help lay people working in the media field to know and disseminate human and Christian values
9. Celebrate the world day of the means of social communication and spread the message of the Magisterium of the Church ad hoc
10. Find out about pastoral initiatives in other Dioceses that may be of use to our own
11. Monitor current events, in order to be able to pass an ethical and deontological judgment on articles in newspapers and radio and television programs
12. Set up and monitor the activities of the committees in charge of the means of social communication at the parish level.