The sewing and carpentry workshop / Nyundo Ltd is located in the Kayanza valley in Nyundo, precisely behind the Saint Aloys diocesan services complex. This production unit created in 2019 has two workshops: sewing and carpentry

The sewing workshop produces albs, chasubles, stoles, clothes for the servants of Mass, for choristers and readers. There are different kinds of fabrics. All those who want to equip and embellish churches and chapels will find magnificent ornaments made with care and professionalism. The workshop produces curtains for residential houses and multipurpose rooms. Different people, men and women, find the clothes to their tastes there. They manufacture beautiful aprons for teachers, uniforms for pupils / students and many other quality products at affordable prices.

The carpentry shop manufactures a wide variety of products including tabernacles, wooden altar tables, chairs and benches for churches. Customers will also find the most suitable office furniture for customers' use there, thanks to the wide variety that the workshop offers. There are also residential furniture such as beds, wardrobes, shelves and chairs and many other items. Those who want to equip their living rooms will find there sofas, stools, chairs and tables for living room and dining rooms etc. The shop also produces the windows and doors of good quality and exceptional durability. They also sell very good quality dry boards of libuyu and umusave.

Very welcoming, faithful to customer requirements and quick in the execution of orders, the staff of the sewing and carpentry workshop / Nyundo Ltd provide the population with fairly wide ranges of durable and quality products. exceptional. Our doors are widely open to individual clients, to different institutions such as parishes, schools, businesses, cooperatives and other interested persons. You are all welcome !