Please pray for us and if possible you can send a small donation for:

  1. Pastoral care for youth
  2. Assistance to the vulnerable people:
  • Genocide survivors (widows and ophans), Homeless people
  • People vulnerable of pandemic deases : HAIV/AIDS
  • Children/Youth with disabilities
  • Single mothers
  1. Assistance to the training of:
  •    Priests and Religious
  • Catechists
  • Lay people engaged in pastoral activities Seminarians
  1. Assistance to the Diocesan Caritas:
  • Social Assistance
  • Health Care
  • Rural Development
  1. Assistance to the Diocesan Justice and Peace initiatives:
  • Peacebuilding
  • Human rights
  • Conflicts management
  • Unity and Reconciliation

MWUMVANEZA Anaclet        

Bishop of Nyundo Diocese

Téléphone : (+250) 788307736


E-mail :

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