The Youth Ministry Commission was designed to promote the integral development of youth

Its main responsibilities are:

  1. 1. Promote gatherings of Christian and spiritual formation through prayer and sharing;
  2. 2. Encourage young people to put their talents at the service of evangelical values through the press, drama/theater, radio, educational films;
  3. 3. Organize retreats, days of recollection, forums, liturgy trainings, youth days and pilgrimages for young people;
  4. 4. Sensitize youths to major challenges of the present time in general, and to sexually transmitted diseases in particular;
  5. 5. Promote the integral development of youth (moral and material aspects);
  6. 6. Promote the culture of peace and peaceful conflict resolution;
  7. 7. Produce and disseminate educational tools related to youth ministry.


Help young people to feel alive and active members of the Church, awaken and optimize their talents in order to make them more useful, morally and materially, to themselves and to the society.


Transmitting to young people the Good news of peace and justice, announcing to them the Kingdom of God which frees human beings from all the chains which prevent them from being happy and living in harmony; from being in communion with God, with himself and others.

This mission is carried out through the following activities:

  • • The recollections
  • • The Fora at parish and deanery level,
  • • Foundation and strengthening of choirs,
  • • Organization of periodic youth weekends in all parishes,
  • • Make the novena in preparation for Youth Day,
  • • Celebration of the National Catholic Youth Day in the respective parishes.
  • • Sports and leisure activities:

- Inter-central and inter-parish football matches

-The youth concerts in some parishes.


  • • Development activities:

-The establishment of a mutual aid fund(ibimina).

-Collection of funds for the self-financing of youth activities.

-Health Insurance assistance.