The main responsibilities of the committee are:

1. Know the national education policy and school legislation in order to help actors in Catholic education and decision-makers in the Diocese to comply with them;
2. Supervise the management of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese, both private and conventioned;
3. Promote, supervise and monitor and evaluate education at all levels within the Diocese;
4. Educate children in human and Christian values ​​from an early age;
5. Maintain good relations with public schools and non-Catholic private schools;
6. Monitor the way in which the religion course is given in all schools, especially Catholic ones;
7. Initiate a specific support program for vocational schools and vocational training centers for young people;
8. Supervise the administration and management of vocational schools in the Diocese;
9. Be present in education with a particular cachet in collaboration with the State;
10. Ensure compliance with the convention between the Government of Rwanda and the Catholic Church in matters of education.